harry-potter-and-the-cursed-childHarry Potter and the cursed child. The description of this book you can start with the fact that this is the eighth story about Harry Potter. And of course you need to mention the fact that the book is the first official story that was put on the stage. It should be noted that the Play was staged this year (2016) and has received mixed reviews from critics. The long awaited sequel to the fabulous stories of Harry Potter, in which more focused on the younger generation of wizards, the children of Potter and his friends.

With the events described in the seventh book, it’s been 19 years. Now Harry and his wife are employees of the Ministry of magic, but their lives cannot be called calm. Secrets of the past permeate into the present, forcing characters to make difficult decisions. At the same time, their children go in their footsteps, learning the art of magic at Hogwarts that is not so easy, with such a legendary father.

But as you can see, his past refuses to leave, and all the while pursues the hero, Harry have to fight that battle. At that time his youngest son Albus to cope with the weight of family heritage. Past and present are somehow intertwined, and then the father and the son learn a sinister secret, because sometimes the darkness comes from the most unexpected places.

What secrets are hiding a family of Potter, and what threatens their disclosure to the whole world? Will Harry’s children to succeed, constantly in the shadow of his father? Always do good intentions lead to good results? Is it possible to change the past without sacrificing the present?

The answers to these questions you will find in the print edition of the plays of J. K. Rowling.

Harry Potter series:

Review of the book “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” from readers

When I heard about the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, I was skeptical, quite skeptical. Just some guy wanted to earn a world-renowned name of “the boy who lived”. But knowing what the play was published in the summer, I immediately found it on the pirate website a few days after the premiere of the book on Amazon. Had to read in English.

Honestly, I didn’t expect from a book of something amazing. To read wanted only to once again feel the world of Potter again to read about their favorite characters once again to defeat evil. I knew that the author, Rowling was, she only edited a bit so were not visible differences between “Cursed child” and heptalogy. But how low expectations were, I still was disappointed.

The play reads like a mediocre fanfic written. The characters are barely recognizable. I understand it, the characters grew, they had to change over time, but not that much. Somehow do not recall that Hermione was so obsessed with career that has entrusted the upbringing of children to Ron, which the book presents, as the last fool. And still her children’s puzzles and a stash of wheel of time book in the office, which was able to find Trinity students. Harry – the world hero, the winner of Voldemort in the play behaves irresponsibly, and everything else not know how to behave with my own children.

The events in the book change at the speed of light. What was to show small pieces, as Albus and Scorpius went to Hogwarts year after year, if it does not affect the plot development? Just pieces of text that could easily strike, not because they didn’t have any meaning, only confusing the reader.

The book is full of inconsistencies. The Ministry of magic is not “noticed” the existence of so powerful witches Delphi, which was able to cast “Imperio” on the whole hospital, where was Amos Diggory. Similarly, the Ministry did not know about another flywheel of time, which was the Malfoys. And the most surprised me is the fact that everyone thought Scorpius child of Voldemort. Draco explained to Harry that everyone thinks the practice of dark magic has left a strong imprint on Draco and Lucius that Draco could not have children. Ie Draco – bad boy – couldn’t be a father, Scorpius, Voldemort – white and fluffy dandelion – is already the father of two children. This logic I did not understand.

And indeed the birth of Delphi, seems a bit questionable. Ie it would not fit into the Canon. Beatrisa gave birth to a girl, if you believe the play, shortly before the Battle of Hogwarts, and then jumped up like a goat, fighting with Molly Weasley. We immediately see that the author did not take into account the elementary parts of the original story.

But in any case, we got a slice of the native tale, whatever it was. The book returns to childhood, though not bleschit talent like Rowling’s books.

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