Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by Joanne RowlingHarry Potter begins his sixth year at Hogwarts. With difficulty, suffering the loss of Sirius and all the longing and the loneliness, he thought back to the battle ahead. The future seemed much more uncertain than before. The only thing it is not confused, so it is in the desire for revenge.

In fact, the arrival will bring Harry some stunning discoveries – whether it’s ambiguous hints Malfoy for involvement in the death eaters, a new teacher as another shade of filth or unexpected changes in the teaching staff. To take innovations for granted, our hero will have pretty soon as to make acquaintance with the mysterious Prince-half-blood. And against the backdrop of the first test Harry and his friends are waiting for experiences of adolescence, a hurricane of emotion and doubt.

Like soon changing, fickle mood of the heroes of the story hurriedly will drop in time and space. Wanting to lift the veil of secrecy over the identity of Volan de mort, Dumbledore… Dumbledore will offer Harry to make a series of unusual travel on the waves of someone else’s memory. Therefore, the reader accustomed to linear developments in the series, waiting for an interesting match.

Considering that the first book we know almost nothing about the identity of the main villain, all the dip in the Pensieve are perceived not only as a light dessert with a sweet cherry on top. The perspective changes, the blank spots of history are filled with meaning, and Harry learns the great secret of the Dark Lord. He still does not know the value of these discoveries… And yet the plot twists in “half-blood Prince” and feelings of the characters are in the same position.

JK Rowling is very careful to that and to another. It is important to emphasize that the characters are older and as peers they are inevitably tied to the problem of growing up. The desire to prove their independence and self-sufficiency: only, God, Ron, what’s wrong with you? The pain of wounded dignity: Yes, Hermione, no one said that to give the laurels of the winner is easy and painless. Recognition of own feelings: at last, Harry.


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