Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Joanne Rowling «Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows» has a completely unique atmosphere. They set up for adventure, prepare for a dynamic deployment of the story and… just riddled with cold. The book is literally filled with cold, tingling fingers, freezing the thoughts, penetrating into the soul. Dusted with snow, crushed by despair, depressing feeling of death, disturbs the crust crunching under foot, cereals, quiet waltz falling on the graves of relatives.

The story is saturated with images of the terrible past, pain, grief, despair. Makes you sink and drown, does not raise their heads over the pages, lures forever. But because of the wanderings of Harry and his friends around the world, a restless night in the frozen wastelands and forests, constantly searching for the truth will absorb and release soon.

Will bring not only fear, but disbelief in their own strength, anxiety. Will test running of fortitude, friendship strength, a lot of questioning. This test will adequately make not everyone, but can the boy who lived? You’ll never know unless you get caught up in the twists and turns and not penetrate. It was not easy.

Really easy to lose those who became six books for the near and dear, to know the truth, to cut at the root, again and relive the nightmare. The seventh volume is a most visible proof that after the reader, “growing up” story of the series, it can not be called childish and naive. Unchanged remains only the idea of Rowling that good will always triumph over evil, and ambitious thoughts easily turn to dust before the eternal all-consuming power of love.


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