Maskerade: (Discworld Novel 18) (Discworld series) by Terry PratchettOne of the morals of the fifth book of the series about witches is that from fate no matter how try, will not escape. No matter how to resist fate, no matter how trying to build their lives at their own discretion, Agnes, Nitt, aka Perdita X Three, but Esme vetrovec still won in the end. Yes, McGrath is Chesnok became Queen and left the slender ranks lankoski witches. But the witches in the coven should be three and that’s it!


And since the selection criteria are very stringent, the choice fell on Agnes. Which has intended to go to Ankh-Morpork to become an Opera singer. The arrogance and neglect of his true vocation to serve tea and get the cuffs from the senior companions!

In General, witches were back on the path to once again restore justice and save the world along the way. And even this time the world be confined to a single Opera. An unexpected move came from Pratchett. Before he took on the description of the life and mores of different races and peoples of the world is Flat. And this time sir Terry allowed us, their devoted fans, look behind the scenes of the Grand Opera. Who said Opera is boring and some solid monstrous women in horned helmets who sing like it’s the last thing they have to do in life?

Opera is a separate world. And it has its own order, its foundations and traditions. And in this world gets Agnes, full of hope for a bright future on the stage. But there it was. Didn’t know naive and too well educated miss Nitt about what actually there are the rules. No matter you have talent or not, what matters is that your dad had money. And if you have the first but not the second, then you are allotted the role of a pathetic shadow of some pergidrolevaya blonde, who only opens his mouth on stage and wearing beautiful dresses. And then there’s the murders begin. And not for romantic reasons.

Again, blame the money. And mysterious the phantom of the Opera teaches singing Agnes at night through the mirror. And yet amid all this crazy home silently are investigating two lankoski witches. Because witches, always knowing what’s best for everyone, just couldn’t stay away from happening.

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