«David Copperfield» – this novel is largely autobiographical. His intentions are very serious. Spirit of praise of the old foundations of morality and the family, the spirit of protest against the new capitalist England and loud sounds here. You can have different attitudes to the “David Copperfield.” Some take it so seriously that they consider his greatest work of Dickens.

“History of David Copperfield, told by himself,” tells the story of the title character from his birth (according to the mother and the nanny) and up to the time when about him you can finally say: “And he lived happily ever after.”

David Copperfield recalls his early childhood with his beloved mother and nurse Peggotty, the second marriage of the mother, the terrible Mr. Murdstone and his sister Jane, Peggotty family in Yarmouth – Mr. Peggotty, little Emily and Ham, whom he replaced parents whining Mrs. Gummidge. David recalls in school Mr. Creakle where students of every way abused, remembers his classmates Tom Traddles and James Steerforth.

He remembers how his mother’s death was taken away from school and determined to wash bottles in the enterprise companion Mr. Murdstone; He recalled his acquaintance with the family Micawber; recalls that escaped from the washing of bottles and how he found his great-aunt Betsy Trotwood; she took him into his care and gave the school Mr. Strong – quite the opposite school Mr. Creakle. He recalls Mr. Wickfield and his daughter Agnes and disgusting Uriah Heep and his mother. David recalls how he studied law in the office of Mr. Spenlow and loved his daughter,

Dora. He remembers how his once friend Steerforth seduced and took in a little Em’ly in Europe, and Mr. Peggotty went to look for her. How ruined Miss Trotwood and how after the death of Mr. Spenlow at pains to make enough money to support herself and Dora, whom he married. Recalls, as taught and learned shorthand, he became a parliamentary correspondent, and then began to write and gradually became a famous writer. As Mr Micawber helped expose the fraud of Uriah Heep, took power over Mr. Wickfield is thereby Miss Trotwood has regained its status. David recalls how Dora died, died like James Steerforth and Ham, as Mr. Peggotty found Emily and they left for Australia with Micawber, and he finally married his good angel Agnes. Picture of their happiness, in fact, finished the novel.

In the novel, a lot of autobiographical moments (David’s career is virtually identical to a career of Dickens), but it’s still a work of art, it can not be reduced to the biography of its author. In “David Copperfield” Dickens clearly visible views on the world, on people and on the place in the world of literature and in life.

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