the-woman-on-the-orient-express-by-lindsay-jayne-ashfordThe book «The Woman on the Orient Express» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author of the book is Lindsay Jayne Ashford. The book is about a girl who decided to go away from all their problems, from a failed marriage and allowed herself to focus on what is not expect in the future. But she had no idea what secrets she’ll have to face that experience.


She was driving with a girl that paralyzed many mysteries, and she had a bad experience in marriage. She married a man that supposedly loves, but her stomach had a child by another person. She’s doing all she can to hide that she’s pregnant and doesn’t even know how to act in this difficult situation.

This is a wonderful novel, emotionally strong and disturbing. This is a story about desperate women who come together and become best friends in the most unlikely and desperate circumstances. They all hide their secrets and know the pain first hand.

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