the-shack-by-william-p-youngThe book «The Shack» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author’s of the book is William P Young. During a family vacation were stolen and cheerful girl, and soon the police found evidence that she was brutally murdered. After some time her body was found in the wild. The father could not believe this, and when the pain has already subsided and after a long time, he suddenly found an old note that was written by God himself.

This note was written that he should go back to that cabin. He didn’t want to go back, but resolved, and it turns his world upside down and forever changes his life.

The father will never be the same after his recent visit to the shack where his little girl was murdered. What was it that he found there, can hope that his daughter is still alive?

It’s a real page Turner, psychological Thriller that captivates with its story, and you will not be able to find out what happened there until you finish reading the book. You will always wonder, but even your wildest theories will be crushed by the shocking ending.

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