White Fang by Jack London«White Fang» is a manual for a beginner naturalist, for the future defender of nature, for any green. The book is very useful to zealous advocates of animal rights, who, by their activities, inflict more harm on animals than they do something useful.

The most surprising thing is a novel of upbringing, whose main character, however, is not a man, but an animal. In fact, the biography of such an exceptional personality – psa-Quarteron, a descendant of the strongest wolves of the Northern wilderness – should be traced even before his birth. And here classical naturalism looks as natural as possible. The assertion that character is no more than the sum of innate traits multiplied by the influence of the environment can be controversial towards man, but it suits the beast as best as possible.

A strikingly authentic attempt to penetrate into the psychology of the animal, to recreate a world that exists outside of human coordinates. It was even difficult for my obdurate civilized consciousness at first to come to terms with this thinking, formed by the laws of the harsh and natural world, where each is for himself, and the gods are against all. Involuntarily I regret that I passed this book in my childhood – that’s when it would leave an indelible impression. Through the attitude to the animal, the characters of the “gods” are shown briefly: a cruel and narrow-minded Indian, a self-serving and dissolute harbor vagabond and, of course, a reasonable and cultured white man. Passing through their hands, White Fang passes its undeserved hell and purgatory in order to eventually find itself in a deserved paradise. But we can judge people only from our “divine” position, proceeding from their actions. From the point of view of the beast, they are not bad and not good, but along with their wealth and unworthiness – are inevitable, like any natural phenomenon. It is difficult to judge the most important hero. From their “divine” heights, we can see the glorious fate of a glorious beast, whose character is forged by truly brutal trials.

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