Martin Eden by Jack LondonMost heard of Jack London, most heard of Martin Eden, many reads this work. There is nothing new in what I want to say, but some books become an important part of you, and it is not at all necessary that they become loved by it.

The book tells us the story of the transformation, the story of the hard way and the fact that strong motivation and inspiration can completely change a person. Seeing his goal, falling in love and starting to blindly admire the girl is not his class, Martin decides to change himself and his way of life. She gave impetus to the changes that took place in Martin, but it is very insulting to realize that the young man was mistaken, thinking that he did not reach the level of Rufus. This Rufus was very far from Martin.

I want to believe that for everyone there is a man, his other half. So Ruf and Martin were not the same pair, they were not created for each other. The end of the book pleased me, although it may sound strange, it is. Everything seemed to have fallen into place, everyone was happy, everyone got what they wanted, what they deserved. A real happy ending, very calm and correct. And Martin, well, he did everything he needed and finally found his peace. Martin Eden was for me a kind of discovery. History and style reminded me of more than one book, the hero himself was not different from me for a lot of others. In general, the whole book merged with the mass of what was read. But there was in her what I was hooked – what I discovered with the hero, then how worried about him. Men liked the feeling that I was passing this road with him, somewhere I wanted to prompt, somewhere to support. Martin Eden is a very inspiring character that I want to be like.

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