When God Laughs by Jack LondonWhen God Laughs by Jack London a philosophical story about love, about the games of people and gods. Gods can not be deceived. True feelings can not be deceived. Life and destiny can not be deceived. Do not beat, do not outwit, do not write new rules that would work in this universe. Everything is already invented, beaten, predicted, done. Can love, or more precisely, passionate love last a lifetime? The passion for one single man or one single woman is burning with strength for three years, and this seems to be proved by knowledgeable people. And even during these three conventional years, it does not burn with an even, magnificent flame, by no means. The flame slowly, unnoticeably decreases, smoldering and finally comes to naught.

People can deceive, outsmart only themselves. They decided that you can love forever, if you give up all manifestations of love. Live a constant expectation. Stop the moment. But time flows. Everything changes . The gods threw their dice on the table and laughed at people in the face. Everything is already in the world. You have to love while you’re in love. You feel it and you love it. We must live, and not always play with the gods and look for ways to change, not by people, but from above, by the very nature of things, by the nature of feelings, by gods.

After reading, a melancholy mood prevails, it seems that now everything will go differently, because fate depends on the gods who themselves manage our destinies. The story leaves some helplessness and despair. The anger is that we believe in our strength, and every time, every subsequent generation grows on this ideology. Or maybe we are really insects if there really is this power.

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