The People of the Abyss by Jack LondonNo, it’s not dante hell. This is the old “good” England of the early 20th century, this draws us Jack London. Here he acts as a publicist, I recently discovered it for myself in such a role. To create an essay, the writer arrived in London. And disguised in the rags of a representative of the working class, he wandered the East End, the eastern poor part of London, to collect the material “from the first mouth.”

In the Eastern part, people were embittered, distrustful and would not have been frank with a respectable gentleman, while fearing and despising such a person. That’s why Jack London had to pretend to come to work as a poor laborer. Thus, he entered the world of overwork, deprivation, scanty life, doss-houses and “gluttons,” and at the same time drunkenness, debauchery and degeneration. But in every encounter on his way the writer tries to discern the human face and the accompanying feeling of his own human dignity. And even more. Dan Cullen is a port loader who aspires to knowledge and has not ceased to learn all his life. He was an indefatigable fighter for the interests of his fellow workers, a trade unionist. This loader turned out to be a spiritually strong person who did not betray the Idea.

Jack London does not just describe the position of the working class, but also gives answers to why this situation has been created. “The domination of one class,” he believes, “rests on the degeneration of the other.” As you know, J. London is a socialist by conviction. After describing all the horrors reigning in England, he comes to the conclusion that “if this is all that civilization can give a man, then it’s better to return to a savage, primitive state, it is better to move to deserts and forests, live in caves and roam from the place to the place, than to be people of the machine age and to dwell on the bottom of the Abyss. ”

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