The Iron Heel by Jack LondonWhat is the freedom of business? This is competition. The weak are ruined, the strong survive. Their firms are getting bigger, there are syndicates, trusts, monopolies, huge corporations. And if the will of corporations does not limit the resistance of the people, the oligarchs buy themselves a lobby in power, buy newspapers, officials, deputies, church hierarchs, corrupt trade union leaders.

Finally, the whole top fuses into one totalitarian “inner party”, beneath it is the “external party” of the performers, and below it are absolutely disenfranchised and plundered masses. Everything is like in Orwell’s book, but without disguising itself as “socialism,” but under the banner of capitalism and religion. There is despotism of monopolies and officials, the “iron heel” that tramples ordinary people. And it happens in front of the heroes of the story. She is an educated and rich daughter of a sociologist. He is the leader of socialists. He appears in the professor’s house, and at dinner he gets into a dispute with the idealists, calls for checking all the experience and practice, and not building castles from religious fantasies. He blames the church for servility to the rich. With him argue, he wins. The professor’s daughter is fascinated with the topic, trying to learn more about the life of workers.

It turns out that her well-being is built on the blood of others: she makes a profit on the shares of the plant, where the crippled car workers are thrown out without benefits. She investigates the entire chain involved in this: interrogates the company lawyer, lawyer, perjurer, plant owner. She sees the wrong side of capitalism, and approaches the leader of the workers, who opened her eyes to social injustice. The book teaches in a talented and popular way the theory of Marxism: political economy, materialism, the causes of wars and crises, the causes of fascist tyranny. The most important thing in the era of “strengthening the vertical.”

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