The Iron Heel Synopsis

The story of The Iron Heel by Jack London is a political novel written as a science fiction and was published in 1908. The book is considered to be “the earliest of the modern dystopian fiction.”

See also: White Fang, The People of the Abyss, When God Laughs, and Call of the Wild by Jack London

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In the book is written in response to a socialist movement that was sweeping the US in the early 1900’s. And socialist leaders began to get a real chance of winning a US election and implement a radical socialist agenda.

The stories first Character is Avis Everhard, the daughter of a renowned physicist. The physicist, John Cunningham marries a socialist, Ernest Everhard. At first, Avis does not believe that the capitalist system extorts people for money.

After pursuing the notion, she eventually has a shift in perspective.

The Iron Heel, refers to the oligarchy which rose to power in the United States. The Iron Heel maintained power for 3 centuries, before the Revolution.


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