jack-london-the-call-of-the-wildThis story is written on behalf of dogs, is an undoubted masterpiece of Jack London. Each new new generation of readers touches a hard life this dog is not less than the previous one, because it tells not only about a dog’s soul, but in a greater degree, reveals something important to the reader.

Half St. Bernard, half Sheepdog, Buck was stolen from a comfortable life in the mansion, in the warm California is on Board the ship in Northern Canada. Now he will have to work in a dog sled, to sleep on the cold snow, to fight for supremacy with other dogs. From the clutches of cruel gold Tank falls to John Thornton, and between them there are special, warm relationship.

Breathtaking piece, action-Packed, “The Call of the Wild” explores the unfathomable connection between man and dog and powerful primal instinct, driving Tank into the icy wilderness, away from humans and civilization.

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