Jerry of the Islands by Jack LondonThis is the book (the first in the two dog psalms) was written later “Call of the Ancestors” and “White Fang”. But it traces the same style of narration, the same approach used by the author when creating books about animals. It is even more appropriate to say: books “from the face” or from the point of view of animals.

In this work, the author masterfully managed to convey the attitude of the dog. He wrote about the life of the dog as it is usually written about the life of a human being. Surprisingly, while reading this book about a dog, you feel yourself in place of the main character and his eyes, his instincts, his feelings perceive the world. The main character of this work is the Irish Terrier Jerry. He was born and spent the first six months of his life on one of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. His master owned a plantation, where Africans worked for hire. In six months, Jerry was given to the captain of the vessel, who transported the workers to their native islands, after the contract was over. But one day the ship crashed and Jerry began an adventure. Touching and with great love to animals in general and to the main character in particular, this work is executed.

The author penetrates into the psychology of the dog, very deeply describing her emotional experiences. The nature and behavior of the Irish terrier is also very accurately conveyed. Jerry is a very clever, brave dog, loyal and unselfishly devoted to the owner, who loves him. In addition to the adventure component, the author turns to reflections on the theme of love and devotion, human relations, human greed and cruelty. Very well traced the entire character, very colorful scenes of action, which allows you to completely immerse yourself in an exciting story.

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