Michael, Brother of Jerry by Jack LondonThis novel continues the dilogy on the adventures of two Irish Terriers and completes it, again reducing their fate. But the book can be regarded as an independent work. The nature of the presentation has not changed. Here everything is also shown by the eyes of a dog. Exciting adventures, bright characters, distant wanderings.

Together with the brave dog, we will go to distant wanderings, we will find a friend, we will get to cruel trainers, we will have to survive in the terrible conditions in which the main hero turned out to be. Jack London has created a wonderful adventure, but remember that he sometimes is very harsh with readers, showing life as it is.

He again refers to the relationship between dog and man, but unlike the “White Fang”, where he described the path of a wild animal into a man’s house, here he depicts how dogs live in different human communities. This book is heavier than the first, because here the topic of cruel treatment of animals is raised. Michael, Jerry’s brother, had to endure the atrocities and tortures of hell. But through all the trials that fell to his lot, Michael, as before, and his brother, was worthy, always remaining loyal to his masters.

Before this book, the training of wild animals, like lions, caused admiration and respect. It seemed: what talent should be to find an approach and tame the king of beasts. But nobody tamed him. Only fear makes you perform tricks on orders. And, the most insulting thing is that this mockery business lives and thrives so far.

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