The-Sea-Wolf-by-Jack-LondonLondon is a strong writer. “The Sea-Wolf” is not just an adventure story for all ages. This is a serious work about the clash between two eternal rivals materialism and idealism is beautifully crafted material embedded in the mouth of two of the main characters. And how good these characters are, what they are alive, vivid, real! “Sea wolf” makes absolutely different look at a long time friend of the author.

A very deep book, not only full of adventure, unexpected twists, well written characters, but also the fundamental philosophical arguments. The main character against his will falls on a hunting schooner, Wolf Larsen. Now he is forced to spend several months on the position of cabin boy, sticking as ever. First we see him pampered by the fruits of civilization, he earned a living by literature, from our comfortable office. Now he is forced to plow along with other sailors, learn serious seamanship. We see how he changes, how to strengthen his body. And at the same time, his idealistic spirit is standing out, in fact for the entire book, Hamp has not changed internally, he did not abandon his ideas and views, despite numerous attempts Larsen to turn it in their favor.

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