The Sea-Wolf Synopsis

The story of The Sea-Wolf by Jack London is a physiological adventure published in 1904. The protagonist Humphrey Van Weyden is a book critic who gets into a shipwreck and is rescued by Captain Wolf Larson, the antagonist. The books initial publication of 40,0000 copies sold out immediately.

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Humphrey Van Weyden, a soft literary critic is forced to toughen up when he is faced with adversity.

The story begins on a ferry named the Martinez which collides with another ship in the fog and sinks. As a result Weyden is set adrift at sea. Until he is eventually rescued by the captain of a seal hunting ship called Ghost.

Wolf Larsen, captain of the seal hunting ship is a brutal captain. Who would eventually have to face a mutiny of his crew.

Larsen is able to keep control of his crew through his strength, and intellect. Larson attempts to coerce Wyden into becoming his cabin boy by making him do menial tasks. All the while Weyden struggles to protect himself from the captains brutal crew.

Eventually the crew comes to the seal hunting island and the story is only getting started.


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