The Game by Jack LondonJack London has a lot of stories about boxing, professional boxing, boxing to the blood, to the complete annihilation of the enemy. As a rule, these are stories with a pronounced social connotation: “Mexican”, “Piece of meat”, “Fierce beast” “Game” – a different story. Their two, they are young, beautiful, love each other, are going to get married. She is Djenev, she works in a confectioner’s shop. He is Joe, boxer, professional, lucky, favorite of the public. Tomorrow they have a wedding, and today he has a fight. Last. Latest. The very-very last, but he will not do it any more. He gave her the floor.

And everything would be fine! And they would live happily ever after! And bear in themselves that tenderness, care and love, which, like an eruption of a volcano, pours out of their hearts! But … Life is too complicated … and it turns out Joe has another great love … no! This is not a woman! This is much worse … this is the passion for the game, namely: to boxing!

But the mind wins! And then the feelings for Ghenevier outweigh! He is ready for everything! And even give up your passion! Truly a man’s act … but he wants to experience these emotions one last time, get drunk with this passion from the game!

Perhaps someone will say that there are a lot of such stories … indeed, there are a lot of books and films about the subject of men’s fights (be it boxing or just fights for money) going in parallel with the love line … but how Jack London describes those feelings and emotions that have settled in the souls of Joe and Geneviera – this is the height of touchingness and sentimentality!

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