“The Horror in the museum” – the fourth volume full collection of works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The collection is more weak three previous, but all the same remains at height, inaccessible to modern writers, on quality and the atmosphere of all-consuming horror. Some stories seem repetition passed, others bring something new in the mythology framed by the author. Separate stories open secret pavors of the writer again.

For example, “The last experience”, history of the scientist who is seemingly trying to frame the vaccine against the infection which came from other countries. On this example it is possible to track the author’s relation to flows of emigrants whom he considered the dirty people extending across America as plague. The pavor before technological progress is looked through in alternative history of creation of an electric chair in the story “Electric Executioner”. And so on according to the list.

Each story is interesting as separately and as the collection under one cover. I advise those who isn’t familiar with creativity of the author yet to begin with the first collection, “Dreams in the Vedminy house”. For the others this book will be one more opportunity to plunge into the gloomy atmosphere of ancient horror which is skillfully and originally framed by Lovecraft Est writers worse than Lovecraft – there is nobody better. This Kafka of the American fantasy understood one of the first that the real nightmare can’t please, and fascinating reading – always joy. Lovecraft is able to wait – and it is possible to live many years, without forgetting at the same time that he in shop on the shelf remained some unfinished to the ktulkh: these texts appeal to themselves mesmeriziruyushchy whisper – the recurrence is inevitable. His creativity – a monolith. To stop reading, to make this decision as ridiculously how to throw the big novel – some huge timeless classics – for hundred pages to the epilog: nobody so will make.

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