John Barleycorn by Jack LondonJack London has always been honest with readers, talking openly about his life, expressing his thoughts and admitting his mistakes. One such mistake was the addiction to drinking. All thanks to John-barley grain. Actually, London did not have a goal to write another autobiographical book.

Not by own will, but by the will of circumstances, London was deeply convinced that real alcoholics, that is, alcohol-dependent people are very, very few and that if you prohibit the production and sale of alcohol, then it will be much better for everyone to live. London died at the end of 1916, and on July 1, 1919, a dry law was adopted in America, which lasted almost 14 years. But find these times London, I think, he would change his mind about the benevolent impact on the lives of young people, the cancellation of the sale of John – barley grain.

The main goal was to protect the younger generation from drunkenness. Thus, talking about the harmful effects of alcohol, he warns the reader from an extra glass. In the book, he remembers the first intoxication and how John is cunning – barley grain. What if you contact him once, it will be difficult to get rid later. He sincerely hopes that in the future a law will be passed banning the sale of alcoholic beverages, and people will learn to approach the booze with intelligence.

If everyone heard his words calling for a refusal of poison, it is possible that this law would have already been in effect, and, most importantly, thousands of fates would have been saved.

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