The-Kempton-Wace-Letters-by-Jack-LondonFrom the text of the letters becomes known the following. Young Herbert decided to marry Esther, the wedding ceremony will take place in two years. Until that moment remained a sufficient amount of time to work out the details of the upcoming event. But this is not concerned about Wes, his heart frozen in the ice stone and the soul stone frozen in ice, he needs people of the opposite sex and nothing more.

Such as Herbert, one would find similar to it pragmatism, but destiny is predetermined to stop on the lyrically-minded girl, tend to poetiziruet reality and demand in relation to themselves manifestations of warm feelings. This Wes to give her not, because he become softer, from an active position, he will move into the camp of people burned out, because the frozen perception it is better to save than to allow to thaw out the shower, giving her the opportunity to leave a heart stone, leaving the stone in a body void.

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