Thief-of-Time-Terry-PratchettThe book “Thief of Time” is much more serious than the other books of the series about Death. The characters here are more Mature. No academics, no heroes, over which you can laugh. Comes Apocalipsis, and the four horsemen shall spread chaos and destruction. But not too humane, they began to destroy the entire world?


War only listens to his wife, is afraid the Plague and Hunger to the last detail, he is trying new sauces. But riders initially were five. Who was before the creation of the world? Due to the death of Susan again have to save humanity, I tell you a secret, she copes. Well, who else?

And what it turned out fabulous teacher. It is a pity that in our world there are no such teachers. The problems with education would be solved instantly. I liked Lu-Tze and Rule One to remember everyone. Because you never know what to expect from the old sweeper. Remember The Nanny Ogg. I really hope to meet her in the next books. In General, a series about Death over.

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