Father-Mine-Zsadist-and-Bellas-Story-by-J.-R.-WardThe story of Bella and Sadista many favorite, so Ward didn’t become puzzled and wrote the bonus story. I am glad that this author’s heroes, which has already received its share of attention in the book and happiness in her final do not remain static, but to meet new challenges. Although it hints at the infinity of the series.


After the final reunification of Sadist and his name, a year has passed. During this time, Butch, vicious and fury also managed to build a personal life. So the Brotherhood continued to happily ever after, and nothing seemed no signs of trouble. Until then, not yet born Nullah. After that, in a world of her parents changed everything: Bella has found a new happiness in a bottle which was a lot of tedious worries, and Z are again faced with the nightmares of the past, unwilling to finally loosen the stranglehold. In the end, Bella is faced with a terrible choice: Hellen or daughter.

The story of that adoption pregnancy does not constitute acceptance of paternity, and about the bad pages that exist in every success story. The Pope is trying to understand how to be a dad, and Bella is trying to figure out how to be a mom and wife at the same time. And they, like it or not, helps the amicable family, because the murder and the problems in the house can not hide. Beautiful, simple and romantic.

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