Blood Vow by J. R. Ward

Blood-Vow-by-J.-R.-WardThe book “Blood Vow” is the second book from the series “Black Dagger Legacy”. Training of the best fighters is a daily task that is given more and more time. “Black Dagger Brotherhood” coming to the question of the inevitable battle with Lessing very seriously. All recruits are very important, but Axe deserves special attention. A personal tragedy made him unsociable and cruel warrior.

Axe takes on the job of bodyguard without realizing how much passion a strong hold of his heart. Elsa beckons threat appeal Axe. The loss of a cousin brings their hearts. The more they understand the mystery of her death, the stronger their bond. Now Axe care what his past and a guilty conscience can separate them.

Axe’s brother Rage strives to help in every way. But when the family of Rage and Mary is in danger, he again takes up arms. Axe when the past ceases to be a mystery and luck turns away from the rage of men should reach the abyss and pray that only love, not anger, was their ray of light in this impenetrable darkness…

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