The-Last-Hero-Terry-PratchettBook by T. Pratchett good in any weather. Dark November evening they will dispel melancholy, on a hot summer day will not make the brain boil. Because the human brain is ill-suited to the thinking processes — most likely, it was originally intended for cooling passes through the blood. If you are offended by these words, and ready to agree with them and, together with the author to laugh at anything (and he can!), then go ahead, you invite once again the world is Flat.


In the book “The Last Hero” contains many already familiar from the previous books heroes. They have gathered here from different books not just. The reason is very very serious. The last hero, aka Cohen the barbarian has decided to commit his last feat. What? It’s very simple. The latter should fix the most important thing, what you did to the first hero. What is it? Well, it’s quite simple. First gave fire to people. And now need to return it to the gods. So that’s something.

But even the most heroic hero rarely performs his exploits alone. And Cohen the barbarian also follows the tradition of fairy tales and epics. (Yes, the writer often parodies them.) He gathers the Horde the Silver Horde! Fear all the way! And that can and wheelchair crushing. It is a sin to laugh at old age, it is unique. But above Silver Horde why it turns out.


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