Amazing-Maurice-and-his-Educated-Rodents-Terry-PratchettThe book “The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents” is aimed at children and even got in 2001, the Carnegie medal – the highest award given in the UK children’s writers. However, in the case of Pratchett, this does not mean that it will be of interest only to children, not at all. It just means that it would be an easy language.


The plot of the book was an old legend about the pied Piper Gamilton, however, as is usually the case, arranged Pratchett. It all started one day when living in a garbage heap on the outskirts of the Unseen University rats suddenly acquired the ability to think and speak. Rats appear in front of a huge amazing world, gradually revealing its secrets. What lurks in the dusk, that gives the flame of a candle, where does the soul of the rats after the death of the body…

Rats confronted with a cat Maurice, who in the same way as rats acquired the ability to think and speak, and in addition to this cat possessed remarkable business acumen. After finding the stupid-looking boy who knows how to play the violin, the cat has developed a Scam – rats are flooding the city, citizens in a panic sent for the Piper, the boy comes to the city, the music drags the rats, the townspeople pay the money, Maurice receives income. The scheme worked until, until the company arrived in the town of bad Blintz in Uberwald, which has already suffered from the invasion of rats. And how soon convinced Maurice and his friends, the rats ran someone’s evil will.

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