Night-Watch-Terry-Pratchett“Night watch” is the penultimate novel of the series to watch. Commander Vimes misses the old days when there were no papers, ceremonies, honors, but it was a long night patrolling the streets, stalking and solutions to pressing issues. On the other hand, he has a family now. And so, when the guards almost caught a dangerous killer and maniac, Vimes, of course, can’t risk his subordinates and goes to arrest him on their own, but as a result of accidental magic release along with him is in the past 30 years ago.


Last Ankh-Morpork — not the kind that is familiar in most books. Here the patrician is a mad old man who constantly thinks he is being persecuted and is trying to kill. The guard is still sitting in the old room, afraid of the criminals and tries to keep a low profile. The city is run by the secret police with an underground torture chambers and where people don’t come back. And in the guardian just a young Sam Vimes. Commander need to find a way to come back, in due time, but first and foremost, as always, he does the work that is before him.

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