The-Wee-Free-Men-Terry-PratchettThe book “The Wee Free Men”, unlike the others in the series about “Discworlе” more children, well, or rather teenage. And that doesn’t make it worse it is just different. The festival managed to create a magical fairy tale, filled with the author’s usual humor and not devoid of meaning and morality. All of it is imbued with the spirit of English legends, the charm of the hills, farms and folklore characters.


Special mention deserves himself “The Wee Free Men”, they are just adorable! Small and very good-natured rogues who always like to drink and fight.

The main character Tiffany the whole book walking around with my fighting with a frying pan and hits her on the head thereby folklore monsters. Where else can you see a witch walking around with a frying pan and small robbers in the parallel world? Overall, a very good, bright fabulous story that just won’t quit. Enjoy it, as fans Prattcheta, and those who have just decided to start with this author.

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