A-Storm-of-Swords-by-George-R.-R.-MartinWith each new book, George R. R. Martin writes more and more interesting. The third book “A Storm of Swords” was a masterpiece. Here clearly there is his increased level of skill – brighter characters, fun plot, more poems and songs, intrigue and unexpected twists. But sometimes it becomes REALLY scary.

War. It on the pages of the book very much. It is “A Storm of Swords”. That neither the head, either a battle or a duel. This part showed a new side of the characters. Revealed in all its glory John – he’s not a robot, not a boy, he’s a man of the Night’s watch. He knows your weaknesses and recognize them, but he was a Mature and responsible man. Yes, grow up quickly in times like these.

All the characters, despite the sea of blood around them , interesting and not the same type. As said by Martin himself – life is complex, so the characters in his complex. He did it. Their thoughts, their doubts, their joys and sorrows before us on the pages of books. And I want to know what happens next, despite the death, illness, injury and suffering. After all, despite the suffering and troubles we ourselves live and want to live.

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