A Daughter of the Snows Synopsis

A Daughter of the Snows by Jack London was published in 1902 is his very first novel. The novel portrays the life of Frona Welse who is both a Stanford graduate who comes from a wealthy family, but takes to the road after befriending the town prostitute.

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The tale portrays Frona’s struggle to choose between one of 2 suitors.

The book begins:

“All ready, Miss Welse, though I’m sorry we can’t spare one of the steamer’s

Frona Welse arose with alacrity and came to the first officer’s side.

“We’re so busy,” he explained, “and gold-rushers are such perishable freight, at

“I understand,” she interrupted, “and I, too, am behaving as though I were perishable. And I am sorry for the trouble I am giving you, but—but—”

She turned quickly and pointed to the shore. “Do you see that big log-house?

Between the clump of pines and the river? I was born there.”


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