A-Daughter-of-the-Snows-by-Jack-LondonIn the book “A Daughter of the Snows” a lot of snow – the action takes place in Alaska and very cold. After reading this book and plunging into the atmosphere of the far North, and a desperately brave people, really want to change something in ourselves.

A Daughter of the Snows – Frona Wells is a very ordinary girl. Growing up in the North and educated in Europe, she chooses one direct way – a direct path through the snowy expanses. The path itself. Not to mention her physical strength, skill and courage, when she rushes to meet any of the dangers. Not afraid of difficulties. Very straightforward and blunt. The girl is not bent neither strong wind nor human gossip or prejudice.

No, it is not so clear. In many respects it can and wants to argue. But what fascinates her – the same stubbornness, which fills us not only the bumps on our foreheads, but on our souls.

First, and not think that D. London will lead the story about love. All heroes pass the test, and everyone makes their own choices. Love in the Fron Vance Corliss after the mental anguish gets in the way of sacrificial love. Smooth and slippery St. Vincent but himself to love anyone and not know how. And Frona? Without pitfalls has not been… Interesting book about a strong, courageous, real people.

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