Wilkie-Collins-The-Woman-in-White«Woman in White» amazing representative adventure-detective genre, mixed with the cool secrets, money and women. Art teacher, going to his female students, the road meets a mysterious girl dressed in a white dress. The stranger seems scared and a little «out of it». She begs him to help her get to London. Agreeing, the young man does not know how this encounter will change his life.

The novel is a chilling report on the events related to the marriage of a young lady. The story comes from a few individual people and each of them has created a unique style of Collins syllable, his intonation and thoughts about what is happening. Most critics point out character uncle of the protagonist. It is enchanting in his spleen and nerve diseases. So repulsive and selfish personality that readers want to admire them involuntarily. Of course, as critics point out the character of Count Fosco. If you think that uncle proud – this is a blatant lie! Compared with Count Fosco he altruist match for Mother Teresa. Count revels in a loving Narcissus. He adores his mind, his wit and charm. He can not even think that it will avoid in any case. Brazen, unscrupulous, resourceful and cunning. Sleazebag, from the first line calls the wild delight, mixed on something completely incomprehensible. So we hate, but admire the clever enemy, fight with that quite fascinating.

There is a certain charm in the detectives from the early 20th century. The writers of that time did not try to impress the reader «seamy side», throwing corpses-gut-brain every five pages. They wove a secret and takes the reader on it, like Ariadne’s thread through the labyrinth, gradually revealing new facets of what is happening. In this work betrays a deep respect for the intellectual ability of the reader. Wilkie Collins merely notes the details and findings can make the reader.

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