The Truth (Discworld Novel 25) by Terry Pratchett

 The-Truth-Terry-PratchettWelcome to Ankh-Morpork! This city is so outlandish that it could be in the same galaxy with new Crobuzon. But satire and irony Pratchett considerably soften the narrative, so he is not perceived as bleak. On the contrary, it is filled with funny figures and events, and even criminal acts have a humorous color.

Beggars consider themselves rich, but a criminal element knows the arts, presenting its magnificent epithets along with colloquial expressions. So there is nothing to wonder how one place could make such different people and bad people and unite for a common cause – delivering truthful news to the residents of the city.

The main character William – a man of noble birth, possessing extraordinary for Ankh-Morpork broadmindedness since childhood admired the power of words. This determined its activities. After the meeting with the dwarves and their printing machine, this activity has become more widespread. And then he needed help. So this friendly team joined Sacharissa as a reporter and Otto (vampire), making pictures using iconography.