Lover-Mine-by-J.-R.-WardFinally, in the book “Lover Mine” the author tells us the story of John. He appeared in the second book or if you consider his past life in the first book as Darius. So really wanted to finally read his story. In General, the author started to repeat. The kidnapping story was in the book “lover Awakened”. But even this did not spoil the story of John and hex.


The main villain of this book was the lash, unpleasant subject. Maybe in the sequel it will not. Very interesting to follow the relationship of Bley and Quinn. Even the main characters of this book faded into the background. I wonder whether about them in another book?

And yet, in this book told more about Darius and about how was born his friendship with Torment. The father and the son. The son and the father. Though not by blood, but spiritually.

Heroes is becoming more. Appear lost sisters, new friends and enemies. The pace you can write a hundred books. The good vampires, humans and sinatov there is still the bulk.

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