The Fifth Elephant (Discworld Novel 24) by Terry Pratchett

The-Fifth-Elephant-Terry-PratchettLike other books about Discworld, “The Fifth Elephant” can be read separately. Will a misunderstanding about a previous relationship of the characters, but not very significant. But in order not to miss a single sarcastic smile, still better to read from the beginning of the subcycle on the guard — then the picture goes and be sure to bring a few evenings of interesting stories, laughter, and even Outlook and discoveries, where Pratchett without it.

Once in ancient times the Disk rested not on the classic four, but five elephants. And then there was something unknown, and a massive an elephant with all his strength struck the ill-fated Disk, causing the movement of continents, mineral deposits in particular Uberwald and the potential enmity of all against all for many years to come.

Then one very clever and subtle policy came up with the idea to send our good friend Sam Vimes, his Excellency the Duke of Ankh-Morpork, with his wife and a diplomatic mission. And then it all started to happen.