Pyramids (Discworld Novel 7) by Terry Pratchett Terry Pratchett has a smart sense of humor and subtle irony. Invented the world’s very unusual, but at the same time, in the book “Pyramids” there are allusions to the realities of our world, and sometimes quite unsightly.


School of assassins — not that other, as the irony of the prestigious universities abroad, in which wealthy parents like to send their children. Made allusion to the fact that in these schools children can receive far from the best of the knowledge, abilities and skills.

Still shows that the leaders themselves do not decide anything. “Gray cardinals” do it for them, which the opinion of the lords have absolutely no interest, and the rulers themselves are prisoners in Golden cages. It is necessary to have courage and a strong character to be able to resist such circumstances and turn the tide in their side.

Thanks to riot Teppic ancestors also rebelled and made a real stir. Because for once-they could be true kings, and not pawns in the hands of the priest of Dios? By the way, he’s saying the name, because “Dios” means “God”. Moreover, that the pharaohs went into the other world, and he lived for centuries. So the real God is he, and not the merciful and forgiving. So, for example, such a hero, you can see not the best of the author’s attitude to religion.

Struck by the Listener, is an example of how the man who, in fact, not doing anything useful, can easily earn a lot of money.

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