Lover-Unbound-by-J.-R.-WardBefore us another story about a rough childhood and adolescence. Daddy deranged sadist, the education involved on the fighting and sex. In General a complete set. And again to heal a wounded heart, covered with scars, can only be one Queen. At the sight of her Wee loses the will to forget about the COP and starts to smell like spices.

Very interesting story VI. Of course sad, but the end can be considered happy. He stayed with his lover (though she’s a Ghost, but people are surprised such things?)… Touches the depths of the soul, what he gave the bird his mother, in gratitude for her sacrifice!

You will love the main heroine, she battled vicious not for its beauty, and your mind. Still, the author somehow did not reveal Jane as the main character. It was amusing to read how Jane was missing a few words, to put VI in place

Ties in the fifth book left as many as two – a complicated relationship fury with a select and growing up John. However, judging by the hints of the author’s sixth book tells us the story of Fury.

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