Carpe Jugulum (Discworld Novel 23) by Terry Pratchett

Carpe-Jugulum-Terry-Pratchett.In the book “Carpe Jugulum” is the main antagonist becomes a family of vampires: father, mother, son and daughter. Earl raised their family in Spartan conditions: garlic on the pillow, lemons, sunlight, Holy objects. Thus, for many years they have become virtually immune to everything than people are used to deal with them. With the exception of the cut-off head, but try to cut off the head of someone with reaction speed ten times bigger than yours.

And these “new vampires” decided that their routine, and the lock completely obsolete. You need to change something, to conquer new territories, to improve life. And here again the king of the neighbouring Kingdom had the temerity (stupidity) to invite them to his wedding. The best chance and can not be!

But who said that everything would be so simple? Lancer (namely the so-called the other Kingdom) to protect the famous three witches. The only question is – will they have enough strength and determination to cope with vampires. And yet, in what part have they to play? WW