The-Handmaids-Tale-by-Margaret-AtwoodImagine a world in which a woman was raised to an unprecedented height, marked the highest value and thereby deprived of any rights and freedoms. Harmful was recognized by all the usual clothes, tea, books, communication, even the name. Women along with men took even sex. There are only faceless intercourse, where there is no emotion, only systematic monthly ejaculation in the female body. Here’s how it is to be the Supreme value.


No matter how realistic it is, the picture is creepy. Portrait And Offred, her reaction as a good example. Young progressive educated woman becomes obedient doll who meets all the requirements of the ruling elite. Offred managed to survive, want to believe in it because was able to adapt to these conditions to this game. The question is whether it’s time or something she could do remains unknown.

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