Lover-Unleashed-J.-R.-WardLike all the previous parts, the book “Lover Unleashed” is quite interesting. Most pleased that ward delves into a description of the problem, Jane and VI. Despite the fact that they are the perfect couple and love each other, it doesn’t make family life serene and simple!

Several different stories: KOR and his loyalty to the bastard who was not his father; the history of the relationship between vicious and Jane; his difficult past, isolation and detachment; how he overcame his own sea of pain from the memories; the story of Payne and Manny. It seems that this love is not the most important in the storyline, but it just seems. This story is beautiful. And of course the sex, Yes, sex written great as always, and just did what the sex adds to the storyline, not Vice versa. All an enjoyable read!

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