Lover-Enshrined-by-J.-R.-WardEach brother has their own story, their experiences and wounds. Here and fury, having perfect appearance, excellent taste, had their own skeletons in the closet. Who would have thought that such as fury for so many years bear alone the burden of mental problems. The only girl he loved (at least he thought so), went to his brother. And then there’s Deva, the Chronicler makes to fertilize 40 Elected. Originally the role went to VI, but fury is out of kindness, agreed to take his place. Then he met Cormia.


The main problem fury – Codon “living” in his head, who constantly blamed him for something, abused and tortured, so they had fury to silence the enemy red smoke.

In this book everything is mixed up. Besides the usual love Affairs, there began to emerge the political intricacies of the relationships with Selected, more serious war plans. Of course, because of this, the world is getting bigger.

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