Roads-of-Destiny-by-O.-HenryAbout the old Negro, a large pocket watch and the question that remained open. Rare O. Henry story, built on distant from the present, the quasi-historical material. Yes, this story is all O. Henry. A few pages, but no! What is inside us, makes us choose the road. «Everything is written, to the point. A timeless classic story. Never gets old.

Although, like the story not for everyone. Instead of the native for the author of America is conditional France musketeer. Instead of a linear narrative to three alternative scenarios (deciding to leave their village, Adam Minho goes to the left; to the right; or, Razumov, returns home). Instead of the soft humor is quite ironic… Actually, that’s not the problem. If you are sure that person — the blacksmith of his own happiness, and the word “destiny” was invented by the losers, it is better to look at O* Henry’s another story. The author undertakes to prove the exact opposite, keeping all lines of life of Adam, ” the common denominator “. And for the first acquaintance with the works O.Henry “Roads of destiny” too. American classic may seem like a terrible pessimist and misanthrope. In the story of Adam Minho writes poetry, but who is he? An ordinary scribbler or talent born in the wrong place at the wrong time? I don’t care! The end will still be one. As they say, nature — the silly woman, destiny — a Turkey, and life — penny…

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