The-Dunwich-Horror-by-Howard-Phillips-LovecraftIf your personal nightmare is “Danvich’s Horror”, then this book will be pleasant to you. Based on works by Lovecraft Richard Launis has created board game “Horror of Arkhem”. In which we with my friends perfectly won, haven’t entered addition “Danvich’s Horror” yet – and here we have ceased to win…..

And the literary work “Danvich’s Horror” very well shows mechanics of board game: To the city awakening of the ancient monster – in this case threatens, to Yog-Sotota (though in a game there are also other ancient monsters – and Ktulkhu, where without him). But at first inhabitants not strongly notice the increasing horror – well the dark sonny Wilbur who grows before the eyes was born at the albino Lavinia Uotli, well the old man Uotli buys up, Lavinia’s daddy, cattle and only his herd doesn’t become any more, and the cows there all some damaged, wounded… Well the old man Uotli on the deathbed raved, about some the Yog-Sotota told all… Well it is direct here absolutely Danvich’s inhabitants don’t realize danger, though the horror level (in a game there is a track of horror with which filling the monster wakens) grows.

But also also hopelessness (there is such second track in a game) grows – in the book hopelessness increases when the monster has practically wakened. Inhabitants understand that on bolts to lock houses for the night there is no sense – the monster destroys the house with ease, and inhabitants of the house completely disappear. But Danvich’s inhabitants are come to the rescue by professor Armiteydzh from the Miskatoniksky university (in a game many other detectives from other works by Lovecraft). Professor Armiteydzh has noticed the danger proceeding from Wilbur Uotli, has armed with powerful spells (Ibn-Ghazi’s powder, one of the most powerful in a game), has got assistants (and in a game: detectives possess weapon, spells, assistants.) – also I have safely engaged with the wakening evil!

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