Dagon-by-Howard-Phillips-LovecraftDagon is a story about a sailor, who, after several days of solitary sailing the waters of the Pacific ocean was in a strange land, with sinister secrets. In this extremely dark and terrifying place sailor had a chance to meet an ancient sea God named Dagon, which ultimately led him to insanity on the basis of the experience of the insane fear.

However, the sailor was not sure of the reasons for his madness – perhaps it was the result of stress from a single five-day voyage.

The author offers to the reader the background of this story – either mystical or banal prose. The atmosphere of the entire story perfectly conveys a sense of hopelessness, and the ending is quite logical and natural.

The story is very beautiful and unusual for the reader. Mythological epoch-making visible in every remark and every word. And I want to see Dagon’s own eyes.

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