When was the last time you really cried over a book? Not crying over a dramatic climax or a separate fragment., namely, she cried silently almost half of the book? It is not surprising that in his time this work has done so much noise. Gaskell openly and unvarnished painted the existence of life is not dare to call the working class in the hunger 1839-1842, he G. a Few authors men of that time have ventured so determined to bring to public trial painful social problem.


In his first novel, the author has identified two issues that the red line run through all her work: the fate of women in modern society and the lives of the proletariat. If the first choice – no questions, the second completely unexpected for a fragile girl from a good family, a large part of life which took place in Knutsford (the prototype of Cranford). The turning point in her life was the meeting with the Reverend William Gaskell. Marriage is called to share with her husband all the joys and sorrows, among which was the accommodation in Manchester is a harsh industrial city. The thing which is so surly scowling at the reader from almost every Roman writer.

The novel “Mary Barton” is often criticized for moralistic more inserts that are seamlessly woven into an artistic depiction of the landscape, characters and dramatic events. Literary critics, of course, know better, but for me personally these same moralistic reasoning in eyes did not rush. It’s possible that I just share all observations and thoughts Gaskell about the desire not for equality, but to reduce the gap between classes. The novel is set in the industrial city – Manchester. Dark, unkempt and sad place. The main character Mary, only daughter of John Barton. In my experience knowing what are the factories, Barton wants for his beloved daughter a very different fate. And indeed, Mary did not see themselves as “weaver”, she thinks that her beauty will be the key to a profitable marriage and then she can help all my friends and first and foremost father.

The events of the novel unfold in the lean years. And with each new day John Barton is slipping deeper into the despair of watching the suffering of workers and wastefulness of the rich. His soul, torn by tribulations, finally finds a way out. That’s just how it will affect others, Barton’s friends? Read. Gaskell originally wanted to focus my attention on John Barton, but the publishers told her to bring to the fore Mary to soften what is happening. Will not be blasphemy to say that moral torments, deaths, and General depressing atmosphere of the novel may well compete with “Crime and punishment” Dostoevsky.

In our time on the passions, “Mary Barton” can be compared with the news of a major disaster (flood, tsunami, an earthquake). However, as in our lives – in the novel there is also a place for heroism and noble self-denial. It is the little that makes us believe in a better future for people and characters. Of the characters in the books I especially want to highlight Margaret and her grandpa Jeb’s Leg. Their story is very exciting and a role in what is happening is invaluable. The voice of Margaret and collecting Jeb adds to the novel the bright colors and variety of grey Manchester a reality. And after all, is “Mary Barton” is a novel about love? Love the line there, it is very durable, penetrates and nourishes all the rest of the storyline. But the leader still is not. “Mary Barton” is a powerful social and psychological drama of mid-19th century. One of the first Dostoevsky published in his magazine “Time” that is the story (in the novel). A recognition of classics of Russian literature is well worth it. TOTAL: a well-Deserved applause Gaskell unexpectedly terrible and it is only more wonderful and sublime history.

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