Options-by-O.HenrySometimes I think don’t even care what he writes, just how. Every word, every phrase – a neat little masterpiece. And given that there are bright, oversized portraits, and ironically sad story with a funny ending, you feel the real delight of reading his stories.Stories about the miracles that sometimes happen at the most unexpected moment.

Hetty Pepper after leaving the store barely making ends meet. All she has is a small piece of meat. Here are just a few who will want to have one broth, so Hetty tries to find potatoes and onions for a more reasonable lunch. But in the pocket of the girl penny. And then Hattie meets the young artist. Cecilia, too poor, she has nothing except potatoes. Then the girls decide to combine ingredients and to have dinner together. But lacks one important ingredient.

Shows that you never despair, because there is always hope for the best. And even when the situation seems hopeless, a glimmer of hope appears necessary. Heroine works were at the bottom, but has not lost the power of the spirit and belief in miracles. And O. Henry gave hope to readers because of its story. Teaches us how important it is to not give up even in difficult situations.by joining forces and even small supplies, you can achieve much more than each can individually. And how happy are sometimes random encounters. Good, bright work full of optimism and friendship, mutual assistance and the search for love.

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