Beastchild by Dean Koontz

Beastchild-by-Dean-KoontzDifferent reality… the Earth is conquered Napoli — intelligent lizards. The last people hiding among the ruins. And Oli collect the heritage of the earth. Archaeologist of Hulan finds in a basement in the boy Leo. Im going to create a bridge of understanding between the races… the Book “Beastchild” whose author is Dean koontz, released in 2005, belongs to the genre of “Mystery” and is issued by publishing house tsentrpoligraf.

The book is very mysterious and full of inner meaning, which is very pleasing. Inside each book a large number of wise thoughts. When the reader gets acquainted with the universe of the book, there is a feeling that he is part of the book and along with the author follows the events. Together with the author to reflect on, to be frightened. It’s worth a lot. Therefore, the book is a must-read for all those who love to be in the thick of all events.

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