The-Gentle-Grafter-Hostages-to-Momus-by-O-HenryThe book “Hostages to Momus” O’henry will produce a decent impression on the fans of this genre. Deeply unexpected touches, closeprogram the last scene and the subsequent issues, leaving room for self-guessing the future. Skillful use of visual images the writer creates a radically new, transformed world, energetic and full of colors. Draws attention to how text is easy to rhyme with modernity and has no shades of the past or the future, because it is relevant at all times.

For talented and experienced image surrounding the characters of the scenery, I want to be among them and stay with them as long as possible. The main idea makes so much sense and purpose so profound that everyone in contact with him becomes a child of this world. The hallmark should indicate an attempt to go beyond the basic idea and to significantly expand the range of problems and relationships. Surprisingly, the author does not draw any conclusions, he is happy and upset, happy and sad, lights up and cools down together with their heroes. From the first lines you understand that the answer to the riddle lies in the details, but only on the last pages of the veil is lifted and all becomes on the places. Intricate plot, dynamic events and an unexpected outcome, will leave a range of positive impressions from reading the book. It is remarkable that in parallel with the story there are notes of satire, which thicken the image even at times to absurdity, and bring the image to the extreme. “Hostages to Momus” O’henry you can read with rapture, with indignation, but not with indifference.

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