Four-Beasts-in-One-the-Homo-Cameleopard-by-Edgar-Allan-Poe3830 year from creation. Mysterious and unknown time. The well fortified city of Antioch. In this sense, as much obliged to nature as to art. What secret history of the reign of king Antiochus Epiphanes? The PoE is your answer to this question. A little imagination, a pinch of humour and undoubted skill of the author, who sees everything that happens, if he is present at the time and place. And everything is spinning to such an extent that it is impossible to distinguish where where is the beast.

Maybe it’s a creature with a human head but the body of an animal? Anyway, everything is mixed up. The crowd screams, hungry for spectacle. And the feast is reminiscent of the Orgy. All balances on the thin line of turning a solemn turn into a bloodbath. Everyone is going nuts. Long live the king! From this terrible and funny. And the story itself resembles a picture of where the crowd is angry, loses any common sense. To the reader it seems that now the dam will break and unbridled joy and fun to become something different, will turn into something otherworldly, dark, violent. What can you expect from a society where lions and leopards dressed as valets greet guests?

“Four animals in one” is something new in style and meaning. First, the story is written as notes of a journalist or as a style of a commentator, it is not clear how to explain in even more detail. Getting behind the story, you will understand. Secondly, the beginning of some much dry, maybe it’s a false idea, but compared to other dry. Sometimes you don’t know what’s going on. The eyes changed and is torn across the page.

Hard to focus, and rather it is the fault of the story that is not hooked. In plus, you need to be a cool sense of humor, but rather irony. But still, because of this, the story meets all memory. The question does not arise, to read or not to read. Leave it at your discretion. You can say one thing, the story quickly ended that very happy.

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