Anti-man-by-Dean-KoontzTerry science fiction with small patches of dystopia. So rude and straight science fiction is depressing. Therefore, in such books among descriptions of scientific achievements and reform of the modern world should try to isolate the themes and thoughts common to books of all genres and styles, some considerations on the eternal.


The first thing that attracts attention – the friendship and trust between man and Superman (who calls himself God). The main character is honest, fair and conscientious. However, it was his awareness and desire to help the world and make it better and turned to his huge problem. Good intentions, as they say, the road to hell.

The second, the reasoning of the main character about God and Divinity. Superman calls himself a God, and the hero is trying to understand the nature of religion and her in this regard.

The third: the description of modern society and Global Governance. The “modern” world is overpopulated, governments have developed means of lowering life expectancy and fear of an invention that can make people immortal. For this reason, authorities do not encourage the intellectual development of the population. In society proclaimed in the universal Democracy, but the “elite” also have the privileges and political influence of those or other “cones” so much. And how beautifully described the judicial system, which even in the distant future were bad. A good lawyer for good money rewrites the history of crime, petty turned inside out. And what about the large personally reassures the judge, inventing tales. Of course, this sort of literature does not involve the production of deep philosophical questions and answers. “Anticelulit” is a sci-Fi Thriller. A lot of shooting, harassment, and hassles. The ending leaves the author open: the chain of events has already started, and can only assume what path awaits humanity. That’s about it, and talked the main character.

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