The Painted Veil by William Somerset MaughamIt reads “The Painted Veil ” very quickly, but still you have time to feel the atmosphere! Maugham genuinely draws the reader into the book, not giving the opportunity, for a leisurely, thoughtful, slow reading. From the first pages you fall into a whirlpool of betrayals, betrayals, lies, self-sacrifice, selfishness, nobility, hatred and of course love! All this is described by such a wonderful prose – language, style, short narrative, unexpected plot twists, topical themes, superbly prescribed characters and growing personality! In general, everything that so impresses the books has come to a single “denominator”!

Author’s descriptions are very concise, there is nothing superfluous in them, all in moderation. For the reader this is the “golden section” of dialogues and lyrical digressions. Separately, I would like to note descriptions of nature, they are relatively small, but so bright that it is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauties of China! As is usually the case in classical works, the author touches on a lot of topics that do not lose relevance. Treason or love??

Maugham describes treason, he does not condemn it, but allows you to look at what is happening through the eyes of a person who has decided to take such a step. What does it feel like if I think, does this bring happiness … and most importantly, what this behavior leads to! Showing the reverse side of the coin, the author does not impose his point of view, he tries to push his reader to his own conclusions! Are they worth short moments of happiness of those possibly terrible consequences? How to “razresti” life after such an act? Is it possible to enter into marriage with someone “just to be only” ???

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