a-shabby-genteel-story-by-william-thackerayThe story belongs to the early period of the art of Thackeray, when a writer has reached a more Mature realistic skill that distinguishes his novels and, above all, the best of them – “Vanity Fair”. In this early period (from late 30’s to late 40-ies of the XIX century


Thackeray was a member of the comic magazines. It is widely used all techniques to achieve comic effects. Some of them – playing the wrong pronunciation, broken French, etc. – could not be reproduced in an adapted edition intended for educational purposes. The main humorous technique-the image of the little things of everyday life poetic, solemnly-raised syllable – was preserved to the extent possible – this is the main feature of the vocabulary of the story. However, the comic has different shades of Thackeray. Fitch’s romantic poses can be comical, but in essence, he is honest and sincere. The work clearly shows the moral superiority of the people-Fitch, servant Becky – over the” gentleman ” Brandon-seducer and sharper over his noble friend and ladies of the Gunn family, petty bourgeoises, reaching for nobility.

These people, spoiled to the bone, the writer draws with merciless sarcasm. The source of moral corruption – the greed that prevails in bourgeois society. That is why, the bride Caroline is Cinderella in her family, the maidservant of his mother and sisters, which after the devastation vying for a place in “decent society”. Petty bourgeois claims for secularism are characterized by Tekkerey in the title of the story, difficult to translate.

This adapted edition is designed for students of 2 courses of language universities and senior courses of non-language universities.

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